Thursday, August 28, 2008

Stop. Listen.

I am so lucky to be Joey's Mommy. My sweet, sensitive, funny, smart, red-haired boy ... my heart smiles every time I look at his little face. And most every time, my face smiles too!

For months now, I have been blessed with a little boy who sings, "I just LOVE my Mommy soooooooo muuuuuch," to me while he does a little dance. And he tells me, "You're the most beautifulest Mommy ... the most beautifulest woman ever!" I gush. My heart SWELLS and flutters. Who could ask for more?

Well, I could - and do - ask him ... to (ahem) shut up. No, not in those words! But bless their hearts; children ... they just don't know when to stop sometimes. And, well ... I have things to do! And things to tell him to do! And I sometimes just want to finish a thought in my head without interruption even if it is a song about his undying love for me!

But most the time - and I do mean MOST the time - I let him continue, and I give him my attention. We go back and forth with who loves who more ("I love you more than the size of all the planets, Mommy!" "Well, I love you more than all the planets and their moons, Joey!"), and he bursts into his love song. With so much around me calling for my attention ... laundry, dishes, this, that, other ... I'm so glad I make myself stop. I stop to "be here now" and listen to his little voice, saying words that are the most beautifulest music to my ears.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Taking After His Mommy - But Please, Not So Fast

I was just sending an email when I heard Joey, now 6, turn on his music. He is playing Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes. I guess you would classify the song as hard rock, possibly verging on heavy metal, although I'm not sure if that term is used anymore. He is making squealing guitar sounds with his voice, along with the music. It made me think back to when I was 6 years old, when my favorite music to listen to (over and over!) was every song on the album, Welcome to my Nightmare by Alice Cooper.

Back in 1975, this was considered HARD CORE - and I LOVED it. I knew all the words to all the songs. I didn't listen to much kiddie music, nor did I see many kiddie movies. In fact, I remember one day my Mom reading the paper and saying, "Guess what movie is coming out, Bean!" I replied in a put-out tone, "I know ... Cinderella." No. It was Alice Cooper's "Welcome to my Nightmare" movie! I was so excited. After the movie, my Mom and brother took me to Waterbeds-N-Stuff to pick out my very own Alice Cooper t-shirt. It was the image from the album cover on an orange shirt. I wore it all the time. I even had a crush on the man.

However, while I don't discourage my son from listening to the adult music he now fancies, I am not necessarily encouraging it. While I think it is cute and funny - this boy who just turned 6 displaying what we would think is more teen-like behavior with music - I don't want the behavior to go any further than that. He's my baby, and kids are growing up way too fast these days. I still encourage silly kiddie songs and practically beg him to let me take him to kiddie movies (he isn't much of a movie-theatre fan). Sometimes, when he's laughing at the words 'poop' or 'burps' or 'farts' I think, "Ugh! I can't wait until he's grows out of this phase!" But then I stop myself. That is normal for a 5 to 6 year old. I need and want to embrace each phase and age of his life and accept it. Keep up with the 'poopy' talk right now, Joey ... those teenage years will be here soon enough.

Friday, August 1, 2008

It Doesn't Happen This Way EVERY Month, But It's That Time Again...

Since Monday - it is now Friday evening - I personally have eaten, in addition to my regular diet, the following: more than one and a half large containers of Turkey Hill Raspberry Chocolate Chunk ice cream, one and a half jars of hot fudge sauce, six regular-sized Reese's cups, various handfuls of dark chocolate chips, various spoonfuls of peanut butter, half a box of Fiber One Honey Clusters cereal (in one sitting), 3/4 bag of French Onion flavored Sun Chips, one and a half 2 oz-sized jars of green olives, and ... that's just what I can remember.